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This online directory is composed only of members of the KBA, and does not represent a complete listing of KBA members or licensed attorneys in Kansas. Additionally, the KBA does not verify whether a listed attorney has malpractice insurance. A search of this directory is not the same as a referral, and the KBA does not recommend or endorse any specific attorney or KBA member.

This directory, and the capacity to search it are provided solely as a services to KBA members and the public who wish to locate KBA members. All KBA members in this directory have elected to participate in this public listing. Because some members of the KBA have elected to OPT OUT of inclusion in the Directory, the fact a particular attorney is NOT listed should not be taken to mean that he or she is:

  1. not a lawyer; or
  2. not a member of the KBA.

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  • Searching for "Smith" will retrieve anyone with "Smith" in their profile - their firm name, a person's last name, etc.
  • If you need a specific name or entity, wrap the phrase in quotation marks.