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For the Profession
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We believe that better attorneys make for better judges, better laws, faster justice, and a fairer legal environment for all Kansas citizens and businesses. So the KBA acts on behalf of all those in the profession.

KBA members receive enhanced access to and discounts for the products and services above, but they are available to all attorneys.

At the behest of the late Chief Justice Robert Davis, the KBA developed a statement of principals concerning the duty of every Kansas attorney. In addition to the Rules of Professional Conduct, these Pillars of Professionalism, approved by the Supreme Court of Kansas and embraced by local and specialty bars across Kansas, are offered as guidance and inspiration to everyone who practices the law and administers justice in our state. 

KBA Members Only

Law Practice Services

Led by a Kansas attorney, our LPS group provides advice and guidance on every aspect of your practice at any stage of your career. Whether you’re starting, running, suspending, transferring, or closing your practice, whether you need technology, accounting, HR, or marketing guidance, or even if you just need an experienced point of view on a kooky idea, the LPS group is YOUR professional counsel.