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Award Recipients: Pro Bono Award
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Pro Bono Award

This award recognizes a lawyer or law firm for the delivery of direct legal services, free of charge, to the poor or, in appropriate instances, to charitable organizations whose primary purpose is to provide other services to the poor. In addition to the Pro Bono Award, the KBA awards a number of Pro Bono Certificates of Appreciation to lawyers who meet the following criteria:

  • Lawyers who are not employed full time by an organization that has as its primary purpose the provision of free legal services to the poor;
  • Lawyers who, with no expectation of receiving a fee, have provided direct delivery of legal services in civil or criminal matters to a client or client group that does not have the resources to employ compensated counsel;
  • Lawyers who have made a voluntary contribution of a significant portion of time to providing legal services to the poor without charge; and/or
  • Lawyers whose voluntary contributions have resulted in increased access to legal services on the part of low– and moderate–income persons.


Year Award Recipient
2020 Crawford County Bar Association (Sarah A. Mills); Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office (Mark A. Dupree)
2019 Stephanie M. Smith, Prairie Village  
2018 Husch Blackwell LLP (photo); Douglas M. Greenwald ( photo); University of Kansas School of Law Legal Aid Clinic (photo)
2017 Vincent J. Garcia; Madison M. HattenHeather J. Schlozman
2016 Jill BremyerDebra Egli James; Summer Ott-Dierks
2015 Mira Mdivani
2014 David J. Berkowitz; Claudia J. Dawson; Nancy A. OglePhotos
2013 Joni J. Franklin
2012 William K. Schmidt
2011 Zach Chaffee–McClure
2010 Kathleen O. Coode
2009 Kansas Elder Law Hotline
2008 U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas Pro Se Task Force
2007 T. Lynn Ward
2006 Thomas C. Henderson
2005 Carol A. Boorady and Jim L. Lawing
2004 Scott Wissel; Alan F. Alderson; Cary L. Standiferd
2003 Randall W. Weller
2002 William H. Zimmerman Jr.
2001 Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP; Melanie J. Branham
2000 Robert L. Kennedy Sr., Paul W. Rebein, Diane W. Simpson
1999 W. Thomas Stratton Jr.
1998 Clifford L. Malone
1997 Thomas J. Drees
1996 J. Eugene Balloun
1994 Alderson, Alderson, Montogmery & Newberry
1993 Martin J. Weishaar, Steven L. Islas
1992 James F. Vano, Robert L. Feldt
1991 David R. Morris, Susan C. Jacobson
1990 Sloan, Listrom Law Firm
1989 John M. Simpson
1988 Roberta L. Comer
1987 Cary L. Standiferd