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LRS: Rules and Regulations
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Any lawyer who is in good standing before the Kansas Supreme Court may qualify as a member of the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service. As a member of the LRS, I agree that:

  1. Any charge for service(s) will be agreed upon with the client in keeping with the objectives of the LRS and the client’s ability to pay.
  2. My professional liability insurance will be kept in force during my participation with the LRS.
  3. All clients referred by the LRS will be granted a consultation as soon as possible after request is made unless such consultation conflicts with my professional responsibilities.
  4. Remit 10 percent of a fee from a Lawyer Referral Service client when it amounts to $300 or more. If the total fee is less than $300, you are not obligated to pay a fee.
  5. Any referrals from the LRS that I do not accept must be referred back to the LRS. If I do refer an LRS case to a non-LRS attorney, I understand that I am still liable for any percentage fees due to the LRS based on that referral.
  6. Status reports and percentage fee billings will be submitted to the LRS within 30 days of receipt and on a quarterly basis thereafter. I understand that failure to submit these reports may result in suspension of further referrals.
  7. Failure to abide by the Lawyer Referral Service Rules may result in a suspension from receiving referrals. Attorneys will be notified in writing and be given 30 days to respond to the alleged rule infraction. If no response is received, a second written notice will be given with the attorney having 10 days to respond. If there is no response, the attorney will be suspended from receiving referrals until the attorney is in compliance with the LRS rules.