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Need the RIGHT lawyer for your legal issue?

You have come to the RIGHT place!

The KBA Lawyer Referral Service

A non-profit organization


We are here to offer you guidance that is unbiased and objective in finding the RIGHT lawyer to meet your needs! We can provide you with:

To request a free referral, contact us at
1 (800) 928-3111 or


  • We KanConnect you with the right lawyer for your legal problem
  • Our lawyers are in good standing with Kansas Supreme Court
  • Our staff is friendly: we listen and understand your legal needs




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Kansas Legal Services Inc.

For those who cannot afford a private attorney, free legal assistance to low-income people is available in all counties. Contact Kansas Legal Services Inc. to learn of the nearest KLS field office serving your county at or:

Kansas Legal Services Inc.

712 S. Kansas Ave., Suite 200

Topeka, KS 66603
(785) 233-2068