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LRS: KanAsk-A-Lawyer
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Want to know whether you need a lawyer?
Want to ask a specific legal question without making an appointment and traveling to a lawyer’s office?
Want a cost-effective way to get an answer to your legal questions?


  1. Call the KBA Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-928-3111.

  2. Our highly trained KBA Lawyer Referral Service Representatives can refer you to a lawyer who can answer your question for $2 per minute.

  3. How it works:
    1. You call 1-800-928-3111.
    2. You provide your debit/credit card account information to your LRS Referral Representative.
    3. Your LRS Referral Representative will place a temporary hold on your credit card for $50 to ensure the card account is open and active.
    4. Your LRS Referral Representative will transfer you to an experienced Kansas lawyer.
    5. You ask your question or discuss your issue.
    6. The lawyer contacts LRS to confirm the length of the telephone call.
    7. Your LRS Referral Representative releases the $50 hold and charges your card based on the length of the call.