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LOMAP Resources

Are you looking for an App for your iPhone or iPad to make your practice more efficient and your work easier?

Here are a few Apps to help you get started:

TIP: There are over 500,000 Apps available for the iPhone and they will work on the iPad as well. But, there are also Apps designed for the iPad as well as universal Apps that are designed to work on both devices. The key is to identify what your needs are and search from there. Do you need a calendaring App that will sync with your computer and phone? Or, are you looking for a way to edit, modify, and sign documents through your iPad? There are Apps to help you do anything you want to do.

iCal App and Reminders

The iCal App and Reminders installed on the iPhone and iPad when you purchase them are excellent. You may want to consider using these before looking for an option to purchase.

TIP:  Choose one calendaring system and stick with it. Your tasks and appointments will not always sync between Apps, making it important to choose and use one to avoid missing important deadlines and appointments.

Remember the Milk

“Remember the Milk” is a great App that is free to sign-up for but accessing the PRO version is $39.99. The free version will sync with your other Apps and devices once per day, but you can get unlimited syncing with the PRO version. Create SMART LISTS that are based on special criteria you design and, as your tasks change throughout the day, the SMART LIST will adapt and change your to-do’s. The App is easy to organize, use, share, and access.

Practice Panther

Practice Panther is an all-in-one mobile App. It includes a billing function through the mobile system and syncs with QuickBooks online. Practice Panther allows the user to schedule and manage matters, appointments, bills, contacts and to send messages directly from the App. It is HIPPAA compliant and encrypted for adequate security standards.


GoodReader allows the user to store key pleadings, briefs, exhibits, and more, in a Dropbox folder on the computer and then, with the press of one button in GoodReader on the iPad, the documents are synced. Some lawyers have said this is the most useful App on their iPad. It is available for $4.99 in the Apple App Store.

Docs to Go

Docs to Go is an excellent tool for reviewing a Microsoft Word document on the iPhone or iPad because it handles footnotes, unlike some other Apps. Documents to Go also shows red-line edits, is user-friendly, and dependable, unlike some other apps that handle Word files. Another great feature is the App lets you zoom the text and reformats the line wraps, thus making it useful for reading the words in a Word file. It is available for $9.99 in the Apple App Store. Also available for Android.


LogMeIn enables easy access to a PC in your office. This can be useful when working from home or remotely and you need to grab a file on your desktop or use software for which there is not yet an iPhone/iPad client, such as your firm’s time-entry system or document-management system. The App also has a great set of shortcuts for controlling the remote screen and is free to use for the functions most people are looking for. This App is Free and also available for Android as LogMeIn Ignition.
EzPDF Reader is a highly functional, super-powered PDF editor/reader that adds annotation functionality and several other dynamic capabilities. It is 99¢ for the Lite version or $3.99 for the Pro version in Google Play, and it is also available for Apple and Windows.


SignMyPad is the paperless solution for contracts and forms. Many attorneys are moving more into a fully digitized law practice, and one way to accomplish this is to provide the ability to electronically sign a document with SignMyPad. Now, instead of printing, signing, scanning and filing, you can email the document for signature and then send it electronically for filing. It is 99¢ in Google Play and it is also available for Apple mobile products at $3.99.

There are many other Apps available for lawyers.

You are encouraged to check out the following links to access even more great products:

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What about Encryption Services?

Here are some resources to consider:

Full Disk Encryption

File and Folder Encryption

Email Encryption

Good luck to you as you continue your search for the right mobile products for you and your practice! The listing of these products does not serve as an endorsement. Please conduct your own search to make sure the product you select is the right one for you!

Happy Searching!


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