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KBA Journal History
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During the Kansas Bar Association’s earliest days, an official published record, Bar Association of Kansas Proceedings, was kept of each Annual Meeting, recording all business conducted, the speeches, other happenings, and a full listing of its membership.

At the 1928 Annual Meeting, a report was received from a special committee recommending the KBA publish a quarterly periodical supplied to each member, provided arrangements could be made with the University of Kansas School of Law to share in the labor and expense. Washburn University School of Law also took an interest in this report.

After talks, debates, and suggestions, the special committee met with the KBA’s Executive Council and the deans of both law schools and came back with a consolidated report. The report recommended the council be directed to work out a plan for publication of a law review agreed to by both law school deans. The cost to the KBA was not to exceed $1 per member in dues. The council proceeded with its task, publishing the first issue of the Journal of the Bar Association of the State of Kansas in August 1932.

In 1964, the publication had a name change, becoming The Journal of the Kansas Bar Association. The Journal, in 1986, had one other transformation to become what it is today: the Journal and the Kansas Barletter, the KBA’s monthly newsletter, were combined into a magazine format. 

As if foreseeing the possibilities of the Journal, a 1929 Ethics Committee report said, "We hope that the time will come when much more can be done by this committee by availing itself of a Bar Journal going out each month to all of the practicing lawyers.”

As a benefit to its members, the Journal is now published 10 times a year, with combined issues for July/August and November/December. The October issue is mailed out to all attorneys in the state of Kansas, KBA members and nonmembers alike.