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CLE Faculty Resources
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The Legal Education Services Department is here to help you make the most of your presentation experience. We have gathered information and resources that will assist you as you prepare for your program whether it be a webinar, taped or live presentation.

Guidelines for Instructional Materials

Materials are meant to be a resource for attorneys who may or may not have attended the presentation. Please produce your materials so that they can be useful for someone who did not attend your presentation.

Guidelines for Instructional Materials

Kansas Supreme Court Rule 804(g)(4) requires:

“that thorough, high quality, readable, useful, and carefully prepared instructional materials must be made available to all participants at or before the time the program is presented, unless the absence of such materials is recognized as reasonable and approved by the Commission. A brief outline without citations or explanatory notations will not be sufficient.”

This requirement must be satisfied by all courses, regardless of duration, in order for CLE credit to be granted. Exceptions to the requirement must be determined well in advance of the activity.

The purpose of the requirement of written materials is threefold:

  1. It insures thorough course preparation by the provider and presenter. Generally, the provider must furnish materials prepared specifically for the course and the subject matter addressed. The distribution of copies of cases or statutes without customized materials is not acceptable.
  2. It insures that the attendees will receive materials that are useful after the course is completed. Materials provided should be sufficient to assist the attendee when questions regarding the covered subject matter are raised at a later date and to serve as a general resource after course completion.
  3. It allows the Kansas CLE Commission to evaluate the quality and nature of the course and the actual subject matter being covered. Occasionally, neither the title of the course submitted on an application nor the agenda for the presentation provides sufficient information about course content to allow evaluation. Review of the written materials provided to course attendees allows the Commission to assess the quality and subject matter of the course and to ensure that the topics addressed are appropriate for accreditation purposes.

The requirement to provide written materials can be satisfied by:

  • providing printed copies or copies stored on electronic media.
  • allowing attendees access to electronic copies available for downloading.

The materials must be delivered to the attendee before or at the program. In the event that a provider does not provide printed copies to all attendees, such copies must be made available to any attendee who requests them.

Resources for Presenters: