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Join the Lawyer Referral Service
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Join the Lawyer Referral Service

Any lawyer who is in good standing before the Kansas Supreme Court may qualify
as a member of the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service.

The Kansas Lawyer Referral Service serves a vital need for referring those seeking legal services. I keep the phone number handy and give it to callers who have questions outside my fields of expertise, or outside the expertise of colleagues to whom I regular refer potential clients. We can’t do it all, and this is where LRS serves a vital need. In addition, it is a good source for a steady flow of persons seeking assistance with the kinds of cases I handle. The benefits of working with LRS far exceed the costs of enrollment. It is the most effective use of advertising budget I can imagine."

– Joseph Seiwert,
Snider & Seiwert LLC, Wichita


The KBA Lawyer Referral Service is an opportunity for attorneys to boost clientele in their law firms. As a member of our referral service, you will receive client referrals based on the specific legal categories you choose.

How does this service help you?

  1. The LRS call takers have had training in providing customer treatment that helps the client understand how the legal system works. This saves you time and helps the client understand the next steps.
  2. Build your client base! The annual cost of $100 (for KBA members; $385 for non-members) provides a source for you to build your client base and receive referrals from clients who are happy with your services.
  3. The LRS call center referred over $1.5 million in revenue to attorneys in 2011 and over $1.3 million in 2012.
  4. If you have a client who has a legal problem outside your area of expertise you can refer them to the LRS. You can refer clients with confidence, knowing that they have met LRS requirements.

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