Our Partner in Justice financial institutions ... are committed to paying higher interest rates and waiving routine fees on Kansas IOLTA accounts. They are partnering with attorneys to give the most IOLTA dollars towards improving the administration of justice in Kansas.

In addition to waiving fees, KBF Partner in Justice banks agree to pay at least 70% of the maximum value of the Federal Funds Target Rate range (with a minimum of 0.7%) on all IOLTA deposits.

Becoming a Partner in Justice Financial Institution

Our Partner in Justice

“CoreFirst Bank & Trust has participated in the IOLTA program since 1985. We proudly support the Kansas Bar Foundation’s mission of awarding grants to organizations that provide justice and legal education. The Partner in Justice program gives us the ability to provide extra funding so that families in need can get the judicial access and support they deserve and don’t always receive.”

Kurt Kuta, President & CEO, CoreFirst Bank & Trust.
Hon. Evelyn Z. Wilson, President, Kansas Bar Foundation and Kurt Kuta, President and CEO, CoreFirst Bank & Trust.
All Approved Kansas IOLTA Financial Institutions

Financial institutions must be approved by the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator to offer IOLTA trust accounts for attorneys licensed in Kansas.

If your bank has questions about becoming an approved financial institution, they should call the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator at (785) 435-8200 or .