IOLTA Enrollment is as easy as
1, 2, 3

1. Print and complete the IOLTA REGISTRATION.

2. Take the completed and signed application to an interest bearing approved financial institution. Click here for an interactive map and list of financial institutions approved and currently holding IOLTA accounts.

If your bank has questions about becoming an approved financial institution, they should call the Office of the Disciplinary Administrator at (785) 296-2486 or email at

3. Mail, fax, or email a scanned copy of the completed and signed IOLTA registration to:


Kansas Bar Foundation
IOLTA Program
1200 SW Harrison St.
Topeka, KS 66612-1806


(785) 234-3813

(please put "IOLTA Registration"
in the subject line)


Did you know that if you practice in Kansas and Missouri, you can have IOLTA accounts that benefit both states?

If you practice in both states and you wish to participate in IOLTA in Kansas and Missouri, you can setup an IOLTA acct. in the same bank if it has branches in both states. You will need to have two accounts and they need to be labeled for each state (one titled Kansas IOLTA and the other Missouri IOLTA). In Kansas, participating in IOLTA is still voluntary. If you wish to decline participation, you are required to send a letter or a declination form with your paperwork to the clerk of the appellate courts. You can find the Notice of Declination form online under About IOLTA.

Note: If you choose not to participate in IOLTA in Kansas and you have Kansas clients, you still must establish a non-IOLTA trust account in Kansas.