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It is the goal of the YLS to provide all interested high schools with resources and information necessary to create successful and competitive teams. Legal research is not required. Please feel free to use the following resources to gain insight and knowledge of the mock trial process and procedure.

Putting on Mock Trials

Putting on Mock Trials is a publication by the American Bar Association that is a helpful resource for both new and veteran teams. The publication can be found at

Objections and Trial Processes

"Common Objections Nita” is a concise reference sheet about objection types which includes a section about the process for making an objection.
"Objections and Processes” is more explanatory regarding objections, but also includes instruction for admitting/using evidence, impeaching a witness, and refreshing a witness’s memory.

Please note these documents include information relevant to the real Federal Rules of Evidence. While those may mirror the Mock Trial Rules, the Federal Rules are broader in scope. Some listed objections may not be applicable to mock trial, such as authenticity of evidence which is presumed in our trials. Please remember that these are resources not prepared by Kansas Mock Trial, and the resources are NOT Kansas Mock Trial specific as presented here. These are provided only as a guide or helpful tool for you to use within the context of the Kansas Rules of Competition and the Mock Trial Rules of Evidence.

The Attorney-Mentor Program

Although the YLS has encouraged practicing attorneys in Kansas to promote the Kansas High School Mock Trial program in the past, we are renewing our effort to provide high schools local attorneys who are willing to help coach a team, answer questions at a practice or volunteer in other ways. Practicing attorneys can provide useful insight and knowledge into substantive law issues and courtroom procedure. If your high school is interested in having an attorney help your team(s), we will do our best to find an attorney in your area willing to help! For more information, please contact us here.

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