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Site Byte: Email Notification Preferences
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Note: This article covers managing email preferences from contacts and groups. This is different from email subscriptions such as the KBA Weekly. To update your email subscriptions, please go here.


Have you been receiving email notifications that state another member has changed their profile or a photo has been uploaded? If you have and find them to be cumbersome, you can stop receiving them by changing your preferences in your profile.


There are three ways to get to your profile to change your preferences. One is always at the top in the gray bar. Another way is below the FOR OUR MEMBERS section in the main menu. While the third way is only on the home page.




Once there, under Information & Settings, click Preferences to begin the process of changing your email settings.





Under Preferences, you have the option to turn on/off what you would like to receive from the website (i.e., Groups, Connections, Community). Uncheck all boxes to receive to stop updates about your connections or groups you're involved in.


To turn off the notification of when a member of a group you're in updates their profile, click the box marked "Email me when someone in one of my groups updates their profile."





IMPORTANT! Be sure click Save My Settings to have the changes take effect.