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LOMAP Questions and Consultations

What Services are available through LOMAP?

The Law Practice Management Attorney is here to assist you in all areas of Law Practice Management. Here are a few of the areas where she can assist you:

  1. Trust accounting
  2.  General accounting systems and procedures
  3. Client relations and marketing
  4. Computer software
  5. Conflict checking systems
  6. Calendaring and docketing systems
  7. Personnel policies and procedures
  8. Succession and continuation planning
  9. Starting a law practice
  10. The business of law and law as a business
  11. Law firm Technology
  12. Social media and marketing
  13. Websites, SEO and blogging
  14. Setting up a virtual practice
  15. Cloud computing and security
  16. The paperless office
  17. Closing a law practice


  1. Responding to the needs of our members through updated information, resources, and practical advice during in-person or phone conversations and consultations.
  2. Provide Bar members with the information and tools they need to successfully manage their law practices.
  3. Develop up-to-date, practical, useful resources and materials relevant to law practice management and make those resources available online and in print to assist Bar members in the management of their law practices.


Do you have a law practice management issue you’d like to discuss with a trusted, experienced law practice management attorney? If so, the Kansas Bar Association’s Law Practice Management Attorney is available for consultations on a variety of service areas (listed above) that are related to the field of law practice management.

Schedule a Consultation

To schedule an initial consultation, call the Law Practice Management Attorney, Sara Rust-Martin, at 785-861-8821. The initial consultation is 30-minutes and usually done by phone; however, the consultation can occur in-person if that is best for accomplishing the goals of the meeting.

At the initial consultation, the Law Practice Management Attorney will identify the area(s) of need presented by the consultee and develop an action plan for meeting those needs. Additional contact can often occur by phone or email in the exchange of resources and information.

At times, additional meetings and consultations are necessary as follow-up to accomplish the goals of the consultee. In this case, it is necessary for the Law Practice Management Attorney to charge minimal fees for these services due to the time and cost involved in fulfilling the extensive request.

Consultation Fee Structure

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation, whether accomplished by phone, email, or in-person, does not incur a fee. To set up an initial consultation, contact us here.

Consultation Fee

The Consultation Fee for all consultations after the Initial Consult is $60 per hour.

Mileage Reimbursement

In addition to the Consultation Fee, when the Law Practice Management Attorney travels to consultations (not including the Initial Consult) the mileage of the Law Practice Management Attorney will be reimbursement at the rate of $0.535 per mile.

Consultation Agreement

To request a one-time, initial consultation or an ongoing, intensive consultation for you or your firm, contact Sara Rust-Martin at (785) 861-8821. The initial consultation is provided without a fee. After the initial consultation, if more assistance is needed, or if your firm or practice would like more intensive assistance on any of the law practice management issues or areas, the Law Practice Management Attorney will send you a Consultation Agreement outlining the hourly rate for the Consulting Services and the Mileage Reimbursement Rate for any travel incurred. This Agreement will be signed by both parties prior to the provision of additional consulting services.