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Lending Library Book Review: Women Rainmakers' Best Marketing Tips

Posted By Danielle M. Atchison, Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Theda Snyder’s Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips is a great introduction to marketing for all women lawyers, including those who don’t currently believe they are on the “rainmaker” path. Women need to know about business and how to stand confident in their competence. The book is especially great at identifying those areas of the legal profession that aren’t exciting and presenting them as marketing opportunities. For instance, the author tells women rainmakers to use the legal community’s gossip to your advantage! If you hear about your competitor is making changes, maybe it is an opportunity for you in the wake of their restructuring.

The author also presents a unique way of using Lexis and Westlaw, which are sites normally used for dry legal research. She says spending time on these platforms doing keyword searches for legal issues in your area of practice may show current litigation emerging or growing in your area that you didn’t already know about—i.e. new avenues of revenue. The book also has standard business marketing advice, including articles about watching your competition, discovering your target customer, and drafting a business plan. Yes, draft, it needs to be in writing! She also talks about rainmakers considering focusing their practice so they are the experts in their field—having a niche automatically sets you apart from others in law. This is not always easy to do as a new solo practitioner, but is something to consider.

I think this book is useful for new people learning about marketing themselves. I think some of the material is a little dated, but probably still true. For instance, on page 21 the author gets into the detail of how women rainmakers should dress. She says, “[s]ome men can adopt far-out fashions with success: ponytails, cowboy regalia in northern climates, and feminine-looking fur coats. Regrettably, though, women are still best advised to adopt a conservative look. Since a good rainmaker attracts business everywhere she goes, plan on keeping the conservative appearance for a long, long time.” While I have trouble with this viewpoint, the author is getting at the larger issue— which is women and men are treated differently in business, and this is not going away for a long, long time.

This book is a great start for any woman lawyer ready to awaken her inner rainmaker!

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Book Review—The Carrot Principle

Posted By Danielle M. Atchison, Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The Carrot Principle by Adrian Gostick is a focused look at how to manage and retain employees in your office. The authors build the case that employees are not traditionally loyal—citing a Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) study which said 3 out of 4 employees are looking for a new job and go on to explain how to retain workers through regular recognition of their hard work and effort. The book goes on to say that for recognition to be effective in retaining employees, it must be frequent, specific, and timely. Additionally, the recognition should give value to the worker, have an impact on their work, and be personal to them. Law firm owners often forget they are running a business with the same employee retention and profitability goals as “regular” businesses. We become busy with clients and deadlines and make up excuses as to why we will wait to give praise for an employee’s good deed. Or, some managers withhold giving recognition because the worker is “simply doing their job”. This attitude doesn’t work in today’s management climate. Workers have other options for employment, often other jobs with your competitors. It is important that we start recognizing the efforts of people working for us so our businesses can continue to thrive. The Carrot Principle teaches the reader how to integrate recognition with our daily routine in order to retain the talent we’ve worked so hard to train!

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Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips: Lending Library Book Review

Posted By Angel R. Zimmerman, Tuesday, October 2, 2018

By Angel R. Zimmerman, Zimmerman & Zimmerman, P.A.

Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips by Theda C Snyder has great marking tips. While it markets to women, men could also gain insight on marketing with the other gender in mind.

This book takes you through the brainstorming stage, supplies the why and reasoning behind different strategies and also lays out over 150 helpful tips.

Snyder encourages the use of the RAM principle: R – reject; A – accept; M – modify. This is a principle that should be incorporated into much more than just marketing. She discusses how you nurture a relationship and how to make the pitch and keep the relationship.

For this and other helpful tips – check it out at the KBA lending library.

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